Top 3 Canadian Online Gambling Sites For NHL Betting

With how hockey has become one of the major sports in America and even throughout the globe, it is no wonder that many people would not be able to bear living in a world where Hockey betting isn't a thing. Fortunately, there are plenty of Canadian Online gambling sites out there, offering millions of punters, with the opportunity to bet on their favorite Canada National Hockey Team in one of the most revered major sports league today - the NHL Stanley Cup.

NHL Stanley Cup Betting provides one of the most prestigious battlefield for punters who would like to rake profits with their favorite sports which is obviously Hockey in this case. It's a breathtaking event in the Sports industry as a whole and even more so if you're a fan of Hockey. Regardless if you're going to bet on a US team or Canada NHL teams, what's important is that you don't simply rely on pure luck when taking risks. It is indeed enjoyable to just throw caution to the wind and enjoy the sports and the risk all at the same time but, what's more exciting is having bigger chances of winning some cold hard cash. Here are some of the best sites you could choose from if you want to get into action and start NHL Stanley Cup Betting experience.

Pinnacle Sport

From money line bets, spreads, over/under and other types of waging you may have in mind, Pinnacle Sports could certainly deliver to you what you need. It's one of the most diverse sportsbook or bookmaker online today and this isn't just in terms of waging types you could engage in. The betting limits on their NHL betting sector is one of the most extravagant and as long as you make the right NHL bet predictions, it is highly likely that you'll be able to bring home the bacon.

Pinnacle Sports is certainly the place for you to be, given that it has also recorded one of the most amount of cash paid just in terms of its NHL category alone. The site and its promotions may be quite simple but, it makes up for its setbacks with its supreme odds and other advantages. Without a doubt, NHL fans, especially those specifically looking for canadian online gambling sites would love this option.

888 Sports

888 is a well-renowned brand, that has already been dominating the market for decades - whether it be in the sports betting scene or even on the entirety of the gambling industry. It's extremely reputable and the best place for those who would like to have a more secure experience. Their waging options and their market for NHL may not be as gallant as what the Pinnacle Sports has, but it has more advantages that would surely be able to satisfy punters. There are bountiful promotions which punters can take advantage of and if you face any problem during your experience on their site, you could reach out to them any time. In fact, you'll surely have a pleasant experience when reaching out to their customer service as they avaiable 24/7. You could even choose whether to email them, call them or have a live chat with them. Not to mention, you'll have the convenience of talking to someone that may be well-versed with your native language as they have a customer service that's multi-lingual as well. Without a doubt, it's a whole packaged experience just waiting for you jump on what it offers.

Bodog Sports

Just like 888, Bodog is one of those brands that have remained robust throughout the years. It has already solidified its popularity and any players out there would surely find this site a very impressive one. They have generous odds, impressive customer support, outstanding and easy-to-navigate website and jam-packed with a highly exhilarating environment that would make you want to keep waging.

Bodog has all sorts of betting options, especially when it comes to their NHL Stanley Cup Betting experience. You can choose Parlays, top goal scorers, simple money bet line, over and under, Top Goal tenders and so much more. Bodog covers a vast ground of options for punters, enough to keep you engaged for the whole Cup or Season.


With this kind of impressive sites, all you have to do is learn more about the canada NHL teams and other teams concerned. Pick the site that you'd like to bet in, prepare your budget and brace yourself for an awesome experience. By choosing the best site, the best odds and the most likely NHL bet predictions, you'll stand a better chance of dominating the waging floor.

NHL Stanley Cup Bettting

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